ONE Church- A Special Announcement

Greetings Cornerstone family!

Bro. Rusty here, welcoming you to the newly updated “Ministry blog!” Since I have my own blog now, what used to be the “pastor’s blog” has been updated to contain posts from a variety of ministry leaders in our church family. Along with my old posts, you will soon find a couple of articles every month from various voices within our church family. We are hoping you will be blessed by these resources.

But we are starting this new season of this blog with a big announcement!

On Sunday, June 5, we will return to our ONE service format. Our traditional Cornerstone Bible Fellowships will start at 9AM and our ONE service will start at 10AM.

Summer is traditionally a low-attendance season for most churches. And we knew that one service would be able to accommodate our Summer services. What made this decision much easier is knowing that by the time attendance picks back up in the Fall- we will be getting into our new sanctuary! And we will be able to seat 350+ as soon as we start using the new building.

There is no doubt that God called us to this season of two services. It was not easy, it required a lot of work from a lot of people! But without this season, we would not have been able to seat everyone God sent to our church.

I want to take this opportunity to earnestly thank those who attended the first service. While many could not make this decision for a variety of reasons, many of you willingly set aside your preferences to advance the Kingdom of God. I believe that an eternal reward awaits you! I wish more would have answered the call, but I am thankful for the faithful few who allowed God to use them in this special way. Because of your willingness, I believe there are multiple families that have been comfortable and welcomed into our church family.

And for our incredible worship and media teams- you have doubled up on your workload for the past 18 months! Your work has been a blessing to many, and we are so thankful for your time and ministry!

This is an exciting time for Cornerstone! We are looking forward to opening our new facility and having what we have not had for a few years- room to grow!

But we are not taking off for the Summer! While we recognize that attendance is traditionally lower- we still have a lot of Kingdom work happening! Please commit to make worship a priority for you and your family! Don’t “take off” from serving and worshiping the Lord with your church family.

I pray that we will continue to make disciples and take the Gospel to our community and the ends of the earth- in this building, in the next building- and for generations to come!

It is a blessing to be your pastor. I love you all!

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