Josh Chevalier Update

We got this update from Josh last Wednesday- we thought we would share it with you. Please continue to keep he and Joseph in your prayers as they minister in Zambia!

“We finally made it to the town we are working in after 3 extra days that weren’t accounted for because our supervisors got sick. But we’re here now and it’s really pretty here. Really dusty because the dirt is like a red dirt and it’s the dry season. We still haven’t gotten to do a sports camp yet because [of planning conflicts]. But we should get to do our first ministry thing tomorrow. The market here is really cool and weird at the same time, you can just about buy anything there ranging from fruits and veggies to batteries and backpacks.”

Through the Peveto’s Facebook page- we see that they have had their first successful sports camp- and enjoyed a unique day of worship yesterday! We are so thankful for the work God is doing in and through Josh. Please commit to pray for him daily- we will post updates as we receive them!

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