Fixer Upper- Make It Stick!

If you were at our services Sunday, you heard a message called “Fixer Upper.” The point was that each of us are in desperate need of transformation in our lives through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

As an opening illustration, I talked about the many “home improvement” shows on television today. Mallory and I watch a lot of these shows, and that has become an increasingly dangerous thing.

Why? Because they make so many difficult things look so easy!

We live in a house built in the 1950’s. And in many parts of the house, you would know it is old just by looking at the design.

One of those areas is the guest bathroom. As per the style of the day, this bathroom is decked with bright pink tiles on the walls, the vanity, and around the entire shower area. It is a lot of tile, and a lot of pink! And on top of that, before we moved into the house, the previous owner repainted the cabinets in the house. Guess what color they chose…..Yes, PINK.

So our pink bathroom has been a point of discussion for a long time.

But this week- all of that changed! Mallory repainted the cabinets a couple of weeks ago. And yesterday, we started the process of repainting the tiles. If you have ever done this before- you know the struggle! It requires a special (and expensive) epoxy paint that is specifically made to adhere to these tiles. Mallory spent all day “prepping” the area. And then I spent several hours last night spraying, brushing, and getting the paint onto the tiles.

It is in the “curing” stage, and it will take a few days to dry. But it already looks significantly less pink!

This morning, I was thinking about the process behind the job. We had to sand the tiles, the clean them, and repeated that process three times! And then we had to use a special paint to make sure that it would “stick.”

This reminds me of the discipleship process. We really wish there was a way to snap our fingers and be done with the whole project! But the truth is, it takes time! Discipleship is a process!

Sure, you can slap a coat of cheap paint on the tile. But in a matter of days, it will begin to peel and fall off. Because without the epoxy- it won’t stick.

The Gospel is the “epoxy” of the discipleship process! Without the truth of the Gospel informing every step of our growth- it’s all just cosmetics. We can look good, act good, and seem like we have it all together. But the only way to make real and lasting change is to do the difficult work of coming to the cross and dying to yourself- and let the Gospel transform you from the inside out!

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