Celebrating in the Storm

Today we are celebrating God’s work in and through the family of Christ-followers at Cornerstone. While there is still much to be done as our area recovers from the flooding caused by Hurricane Harvey, we are hopeful and excited to see God at work in so many ways.

In the past three weeks, our church was able to distribute over $115,000 to churches and families in Southeast Texas. These funds were made available through the sacrificial giving of our Cornerstone family and from donations that came in from all across the country. We had churches from West Virginia, Oklahoma, and all across our great state of Texas that sent gifts to help our area in the recovery process.

When we set up this disaster relief fund, we started praying and asking God to send us resources. Our commitment was to get them to people who needed them as quickly as possible. We have worked diligently to keep our commitment! We have seen a real life demonstration of God blessing those who will use His blessings for His purposes! Every time we have discovered a need, the resources would come in to meet that need.

I know this testimony is shared throughout our area. Not all churches have received financial resources. But I’ve heard countless testimonies of unsolicited trucks showing up full of supplies. One church fed an entire community with a seemingly bottomless pot of chili. And God has consistently brought hope and His light into a very dark season for many in our communities.

We want to just take a minute to praise God together for His goodness to us!

There is still much to be done! There are homes to be cleaned out, homes to be restored, and prayers to be prayed!

Let us not grow weary in doing good! God is doing a wonderful work even in the midst of this difficult season. Let us press on! Continue to give your time, resources, and love to those who need it more than ever!

– Bro. Rusty

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