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Online Giving

In order to give online you MUST have a CURRENT, REGISTERED email in the records at the church.
Please call the office at 409-246-1116 to update your records.

Give Online HERE

If you are not a member of Cornerstone Baptist Church but would like to give, please go here.

Instructions for online giving:

When giving online you will have 4 choices on where your funds can go – General Tithe, Building Fund, Lottie Moon and Annie Armstrong. You can do one total for all funds, or split your total into 2 or more funds as you see fit. You can give just one time or set it up as a recurring gift. PLEASE NOTE: Online giving will NOT show up in the online giving report in your account UNTIL it has posted through the church. Funds are posted ONCE A WEEK.

To Register for the first time:

On the Login Screen, go to “Need a login? Click here”


Enter information into field and click Find Me. Remember that it will not find you if you do not have a current, updated email address in the system. If you need help or need to update your email, please call the office at 409-246-1116.


Login to account:


Once inside, you will need to click on Give Now to start your online giving.


Enter the total amount you want to give, remember that you can split it up later if you need to. Choose whether it is one time or recurring and the date you want the amount to be given then click Continue.


Choose which category or multiple categories you want your total to go into and click Continue.


Enter in your payment information. You can pay by Credit Card, Checking Account, or Savings Account. Once your information is entered, click Continue.


You will then see your Review and Process screen. Review the information to ensure it is correct, then click Process Gift.


You’re done! You will be able to print a receipt if needed. Please remember that funds won’t show up online until the church processes online giving for the week.

To see future recurring payments, choose Manage Schedule Giving on Home page and you will see this screen where you can view, manage, or add new recurring payments.