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On September 10, our church family made a commitment to spend 30 minutes a day with Jesus through the Word of God and prayer for 30 days. This page will feature our weekly readings and testimonies from family members who have been blessed through this commitment!

Daily Readings:

September 10: Matthew 1-2
September 11: Matthew 3-4
September 12: Matthew 5-6
September 13: Matthew 7-8
September 14: Matthew 9-10
September 15: Matthew 11-12
September 16: Matthew 13-14
September 17: Matthew 15-16
September 18: Matthew 17-18
September 19: Matthew 19-20
September 20: Matthew 21-22
September 21: Matthew 23-24
September 22: Matthew 25-26
September 23: Matthew 27-28


Keep it up!

Don’t get discouraged! If you have struggled to be consistent in your reading and prayer, don’t let it “stack up” on you. Just find today’s date and jump back into the Gospel of Matthew! Many of us treat Bible reading and prayer like a diet. If we have a “bad day,” we decide that we will start again on Monday. But TODAY is the day to get started and reconnect with Jesus!